My name is echo and it is my pleasure to host people.

6:42 ECHOES is's sister domain. In keeping with the echoing tradition, the 'rules' and 'requirements' for hostees are as flexible as possible.

What does that mean for you? Well, I've dug up some old hosting info pages. The same general concept is how hosting works here on So, you are about to read the slightly revised and recycled version of an old document. An oldie but goody, I assure you. (It's funny for me to read what follows as the tone used in writing it is so different from everything else...)

Because I had so many web projects going, I decided to buy my own domains. I liked the anonymous aspect of using free servers, but I could also have this feeling while being hosted on someone else's domain (along with less general hassle). If you're reading this, you're probably inclined to agree that free servers are a pain in the arse. Far too many restrictions, limitations and let's not forget the big one - advertisements.

I have many (past, present, and most likely future) domains. Owning your own domains can be quite lovely. One of my favourite things about having all this space is there is so much room to spare.

Room for people like (or even unlike) me to get creative. Show off whatever it is they want to release to the masses.

Go on, fruitcake - keep reading...