History of Echoes

I registered echoes.nu on 2000-11-22 via nunames.nu, a few months after I acquired echoing.org. Personal .nu domains were popping up all over the place, as well as some free site hosting services. I dug the extension and found it fitting for my "echoes" domain name.
Further evidence of my love for .nu: I now run the .nu waves web ring. If you have or are hosted on a personal .nu domain, why don't you join the ring? It so happens I can further help you out in this arena...

A Place For You

Having mentioned free personal site hosting (and sites hosted on .nu domains), here is something you should know:
Providing space for talented people makes me happy, therefore this is also a hosting domain. For more information, follow the links to the left.

The Current Version

In a somewhat odd twist of events, I haven't used one of my photographs for the layout. In fact, I didn't even code this design, I merely made changes to an existing one I snatched from oswd.org. Specifically, one offered up by Cristobal Castillo.

My ever-so-slight modifications were made using EditPad Lite. There is some "geeky" code business afoot here, thanks to Codegrrl & Tutorialtastic. While we're talking about such things, I recommend you use Mozilla Firefox for all your web surfing needs.

6:42 ECHOES is happily hosted by Surpass Hosting.