Your Hostess, echo.

Some people have made awesome statements about me recently. Rather than recycling the same crap I have up elsewhere, I shall share some of these quotes with you. Perhaps you can view them as testimonials. It's probably a good idea for me to actually credit who said this stuff. I'll get to that in a bit.

"A sagacious woman of eloquence and intimidating verbosity, echo's composed presence [is] one to pay attention to!"

"echo always has something worthwhile to contribute, and she does so in a clear and erudite way. She's all about how music ties in with her life, and I can dig that. Once, while on vacation, echo was nearly devoured by Bowser 14 !!! Also, her purse can be used as a weapon..."

"She's so cool I get frostbite just chatting with her."

"You do but seize my motor fixtures into a likeness not unlike the moon."

All right, that last one is from some sort of surrealist compliment generator (I believe). But the bot said it "about me" - didn't it? Yes it did!

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