Rules & Requirements for Membership in the .NU Waves WebRing

  1. You must either own a .nu domain, or be a hostee at a personally owned .nu domain. Commercial .nu hosting or sites using a URL redirection service are not eligible. This may change, but no current member would be terminated.
  2. You need to have a polished, mature site. There should not be significant "under construction" pages when you apply. I need to see the finished product.
  3. I need to approve it. I'm really pretty reasonable about this, and I don't have to love your site to approve. I'm concerned with traffic to the ring, and if there is a submission that will turn visitors away, it may not be approved. If you are not approved, please feel free to re-apply after re-tooling. This disclaimer is necessary, as I do need some level of quality control.
  4. You must have the ring code up when I check your page. It will be provided immediately after you hit the "submit" button for joining. It must be up by the time I check, or you won't be approved.
  5. The ring code, or a clearly identifiable link to your rings page must be on the first page I encounter on your site.
  6. No direct linking of code images.

All good? Then Join the .Nu Waves WebRing!

the .nu waves webring is part of 6:42 ECHOES & the echoverse and is proudly powered by vs.hive v1.2.