About .Nu Waves

This ring is designed to bring together .nu domains and .nu hostees using one easy to traverse navigational method; it is a traditional webring, linking together sites with a similar theme — in this case the .nu extension. If your URL ends in .nu, you should join the webring! The requirements, which have been carried over from Sulci, are few and easy to follow. .Nu Waves has seen steady growth since its inception, so please join!


Important Changes To The .Nu Waves WebRing!
July 12 2008 08:12 EST
Due to recent changes in the way RingSurf operates webrings, I'll be moving have moved this ring's "backend" completely onto echoes.nu. This means existing members will need to re-join the ring. On the plus side, .nu waves continues to run like a tradional webring and we'll finally get a new design for this home page. ;) Check back over the course of the next few months to see what version 4 looks like, and most importantly, catch up on new and returning members!


History of .Nu Waves

Created by Nicki of ubiquitous.nu: March 2001; Adopted by Meryl of imorca.nu: December 2002; Adopted by echo of echoes.nu: January 2007.


the .nu waves webring is part of 6:42 ECHOES & the echoverse and is proudly powered by vs.hive v1.2.