Do's and Dont's.

As I've already pointed out, I try to keep you free of as many regulations as I can. However, we must be reasonable about this. There are a few things you should know straight away. I may even need to add more to this list as time (and memory!) permit(s).

I think this small guide will be helpful; if you do have other questions or would like some more details, please feel free to contact me.


  1. Use the space provided to express yourself.
  2. Update your site at least once a year.
  3. Ask your hostess (that's me!) when you want or need help with something.
  4. Contact me if you have questions, troubles, have ideas on how to make this place better and/or if there's something else you think I should know.
  5. Let me know if you're going to close your site.


  1. Violate anyone's copyright.
  2. Upload pirated software, hacker programs or archives, warez, MP3s, or IRC bots.
  3. Use any accounts to send spam.

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